Trinity Lutheran Preschool's Early Childhood
program offers classes for children ages 3-5 years. 

Preschool (3-4's)

T/TH 9:00-11:30am
M/W/F 9:00-11:30am

Pre-K (4-5's)
M/W/F 9:00-11:30am

Jr. Kindergarten (4-5's)
M/W 9:00-2:00
T/TH 9:00-2:00
M-TH 9:00-11:30am

 Preschool (3-4's)
Our preschool class is a child's first introduction to the preschool environment and focuses on socialization, sharing, and getting along with others. We work on monthly themes, colors, shapes, letters & numbers. We work to develop fine motor skills, have a joyful outlook on school, and a love of Jesus. 
Pre-K (4-5's)
Our Pre-K class learns about simple math concepts, letters, and phonics, through fun and hands-on learning. We work to develop fine motor skills, have a joyful outlook on school, and a love of Jesus.
Jr. Kindergarten (4-5's)
Our Jr. K program is an expansion of our Pre-K class. Children are exposed to the same topics as Pre-K, however with a more in-depth and more hands-on experiences.
We will further explore letters and numbers by using a workbook that goes with (Get Set for School & Weekly Reader by Scholastic).

Get Set for School is used for Readiness & Writing.


Alphabet Knowledge
Colors & Coloring

Reading/ Phonics:
Get Set for School and Zoo Phonics is used for 
Language & Literacy.
Phonological Awareness (I hear it and say it)
Alphabet Knowledge (Letters)
Concepts About Print (All about books)
Comprehension (Oh, I get it)
Oral Language (I'll tell you)
Writing (It's my story)

Numbers & Math:
Get Set for School Math curriculum is used as
a hands-on approach to teaching math
concepts. The following concepts are covered.
Numbers & Operations (I know how many)
Geometry (Places and shapes)
Patterns (See it, repeat it)
Measurement & Time (Short,tall, big & small)

Science/ Sensory:

We cover the following science/ sensory themes in preschool throughout the school year.
Intro to Physics
(Gravity, Magnets and Light)
Intro to Geology
(Fossils, Rocks and Volcano)
Intro to Chemistry
(Solids & Liquids, Colors and Freezing)
Intro to Meteorology
(Sun, Water Cycle, Seasons, Thermometer)
Intro to Botany
(Plants, Flowers, Seeds, Leaves, Stems & Roots)
Intro to Zoology
(Fish, Butterflies, Invertebrates, Mammals, Reptiles, Birds)


Animal Studies:
This enrichment program is offered throughout the school year. It involves a 20 minute lesson with Deanna Rice (owner of Pony & Pals) teaching facts, songs, and getting to pet that individual animal she brings.

A 15 minute session that meets once/twice per month with our Church Pastor or our Youth Director. The children learn stories, songs and activities based off our monthly Faith Lessons.

Special Readers:
Monthly we have guest readers from the community come into school and read to the classes.

Movin' and Groovin':
A 30 minute class that meets once/twice per month for our Pre-K & Jr. K classes. This class incorportates yoga, balance, developmental coordination, Bible verses and fun games.


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