Lunch Bunch
Lunch Bunch is an enrichment program that supplements the TLP curriculum to broaden your child's preschool experience
and preparation for elementary education.
You can enroll in this program once-four times per week.


Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education capitalize on children's natural curiosity as they encourage critical thinking and problem solving skills. Hands on activities will encourage children to make predictions, explore, inquire, and discover the world.
Social/ Emotional
School is much more than learning ABC's and 123's. Children who are given opportunities for developing empathy, emotional regulation, and skills for making and maintainging friendships are set up for later educational success.
Cultural/ Social Studies
Children will explore events from history, cultural tradiitions from around the world, and fun activities from fields such as architecture, and geology. Lunch Bunch also encourages basic Biblical literacy and undersatnding of the characteristics of God.
Art/ Creative Expression
Art curriculum offers children a chance to express who they are and feel good about themselves. It also allows young children still mastering verbal expression another means of communicating. Many forms of expression will be explored, including painting, sculpture, drawing, music, and dance.

What to Bring:
A healthy lunch, which will be kept in the
refrigerator until we eat.
Weather-appropraite clothing and gear for outdoor play.
An eager attitude, ready to learn!

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